Whatscropping is a commonly used mobile app available for users. The application is used to set up a full-sized profile picture on social media platforms without cropping or losing any part of the picture.

    Besides, the application is compatible with any modern operating system. These include Android, iOS,  and Windows interfaces. However, the application allows the user to adjust the size of the picture, leading to no loss of the picture.

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    Different Features of a Whatscropping App


    Different features that a user can avail by installing a Whatscropping application in their operating systems are:

    • It allows the user to change their profile picture without cropping it.
    • Besides, It enables the user to adjust the size of the picture.
    • It also enables the user to rotate and adjust the picture in different directions.
    • It allows the user to select a picture from their device’s gallery.
    • It also allows the user to take a picture from the drive.
    • Besides, It allows the user to take a picture directly from the front camera.
    • It allows the user to edit a video
    • It also allows the user to crop a video
    • It enables the user to customize the status of their social media platforms

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    Top 10 Whatscropping in Google Play Store

    Google has provided a list of the best WhatsCropping for users. These include:

    1. Whatscropping set the full-size dp without crop by Gogone
    2. Whatscrop by galaxy appstudio
    3. MediaCrop (Whatscrop) by amalgam apps
    4. Whatscrop set the full size up with crop by Dream app technology
    5. Whatscrop set the full-size dp without crop by android
    6. Whatscroop no crop dp and status maker  by Surekha development
    7. No crop from Instagram by just apps
    8. Whatscrop set full-size dp no crop up by application shop
    9. No crop pic for Instagram  by Riley Cillian
    10. Full image dp-dp editor app by Suman Kumar

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    Advantages of Using Whatscropping

    With the help of the application, the user can set a perfect profile picture for their social media platforms.  Besides, the user can adjust the picture size using the application.  The application also provides the feature of video editing and cropping. Moreover,  the user can make social media reals and statuses with the help of the application.

    Future Evolution

    The companies with the help of modern technology and also by coding,  are implementing new features into the application. ,  The company is trying to introduce the feature of a selection of high-quality HD pictures as profile pictures for different social media platforms.

    The personal developers are also trying to apply the feature of a 360-degree rotational profile picture for the user. Besides the feature of multiple profile pictures and automatic profile picture changing facility for the user.

    Google Play!


    • Is the application updated automatically?

    Yes, the system is updated at regular intervals of time with the help of AI technology

    • Do I need to pay for the facility

    No these are provided to the user free of cost

    • Is the application safe

    The applicant is safe and compatible with any modern operating system.

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