Speaker Cleaner Gogone app is a utility application that removes water and dust from your phone’s speakers. This highly productive app works through a vibrating sound technology that releases the water from the phone’s speakers and clears them providing a clear sound. It works simply and easily.

    It might happen to any of us that we accidentally drop our phone in water. This damages your phone speakers and the sound quality gets affected. This creates a distorted or muffled sound. If you want an in-hand solution for this problem without having to go anywhere then you must try out this amazing application. Here is all that you need to know about it.

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    Speaker Cleaner Gogone app


    Nowadays Smartphones have become a crucial part of our everyday lives. The most important role it plays in making all our important communications very smooth. In this situation, if somehow water enters the phone speaker and the sound gets distorted, it can create a big disturbance. Speaker Cleaner Gogone app will help you perfectly at such times.

    The app uses different frequency sound waves to break up the clogged water of your phone speaker. It performs the speaker cleaning operation very smoothly without disturbing the other functions of the phone. The app provides built-in cleaning modes to remove trapped water and dust from your phone’s speakers. You can select between ‘Auto cleaning mode’ or ‘Manual cleaning mode’.

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    The Auto-cleaning mode is an automated process that starts removing water by just pressing the ‘start’ button. If you choose the manual cleaning mode, you have to manually select the required sound frequency that works best for your phone’s speaker. The frequency can be easily adjusted with the provided slider of the app.

    Speaker Cleaner Gogone app provides certain instructions for better performance of the app. They are – disconnecting the earphones if connected, putting the phone with speakers facing down, and maximizing the volume setting. After completion of the process, the app asks if your problem is fixed or not. If not satisfied you can repeat the process.

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    How to use this app

    To use the Speaker Cleaner Gogone app download and install it on your smartphone. It may ask you to grant certain permissions in order to work. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided below on our website. So now enjoy the smooth functioning of your phone with this useful and productive app.

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