Transparent live wallpaper
Transparent live wallpaper

A Mobile Transparent app should get installed on a phone for decoration and beautification purposes. This application provides different font styles. It also has wallpaper that makes the user’s phone more attractive. Besides, the Mobile Transparent app provides transparent wallpaper to the user.

Moreover, the application provides different filters for photo clicking and editing. It also provides different font styles for the different apps that are present in an application. These apps are compatible with any modern-used operating system. These include iOS, Android, and Windows phone interfaces.

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Different Features of Mobile Transparent Applications

  • A mobile Transparent Application provides a different and new font style to the user.
  • Although, the application provides a new font style for the different applications and software present in the user’s phone.
  • But, it provides premium quality background wallpaper to the user.
  • The application also provides the feature of Transparent background to the user.
  • The application provides a specific lock feature for the different apps and also software on the user’s phone.
  • The application provides a new emoji and sticker collection for all the social media application that is installed on the phone by the user.
  • The application provides a premium-quality background picture for the lock screen of the phone to the user.

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Best Mobile Transparent App in Google Playstore

There are more than a million app in the Google play store that serves the purpose of the mobile Transparent app. Google has rated the top 10 among them. These are

  1. Transparent- live wall by HD camera Association
  2. Transparent wallpaper by AZ mobile software
  3. Transparent live wallpaper by R Apps studio
  4. Transparent phone live cam wallpaper by Evgenii Chernow
  5. Transparent screen Wallpaper by short photo video media solution
  6. Transparent Screen by blackcurrant studios
  7. Transparent screen and live wallpaper by mobile softech
  8. Transparent live wallpaper and Transparent screen by animation effect video maker tools.
  9. Transparent screen and live wallpaper 3D by 7-star Association
  10. Transparent screen and also a live wallpaper by nine nines.

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Advantages of Using Mobile Transparent Applications

These applications are mainly used for decoration and beautification purposes by the users. But, the features in the application make the phone more attractive. Although, the user can represent the phone to any professional or personal functions with the help of the application. Besides the lock system helps to provide extra security to the system.


Mobile Transparent apps are used for different purposes. But, with the help of modern coding, the company is implementing new features to the application. These features also include self-customizable wallpaper making. And it also includes uploading new font and music as per the user’s choices.


  • Does this application need the Internet for its work?

Yes, the application also needs a proper internet connection for smooth running.

  • Does this application create junk files in the system?

The low-rating apps may create junk files. But the top 10 apps do not create any junk files in the system.

  • Do I need to pay for the features?

No, these apps are available free of cost.



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