Incoming Call Lock is a highly useful security application that lets you secure all your incoming calls with a password. This app prevents any other person from picking up your incoming calls. With this app, you can even prevent other people from seeing the caller’s number, name, and other details.

    Call-locking apps play an important part in protecting your privacy. There may be different reasons for different people to hide their incoming Calls. Such apps are very much helpful in keeping nosy people away from your personal life. Today you will know about an app that will make sure that only you can take up your specific Calls.

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    Incoming Call Lock app


    The incoming call lock app is the best app to lock your incoming calls. This safe and secure app provides you with many smart features. Nobody else can pick up your calls or even see the caller details as the password input screen is shown up on the screen. Moreover, you can set the call lock according to your instructions.

    You can either choose a pattern lock or a password lock as your lock screen. You can also use a fingerprint scanner to unlock. With the Incoming Call Lock app, no one else can take up your calls even by using earphones. If anybody tries to unlock it by entering the wrong password three times, the call gets disconnected automatically.

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    The app provides you with four different options to set caller type lock settings – All, Known, Unknown, and Selected. The app also displays name settings and provides a call-blocking feature. If somebody uses call lock prevention then it is killed by the processor.

    The Incoming Call Lock app lets you choose your lock screen background from the phone’s gallery or the 6 different backgrounds provided by the app. You also get the option to choose the pattern visibility settings. Its high-security feature secures all your incoming phone calls with strong password protection. You can enable or disable the app whenever you want.

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    How to use this app

    To use the Incoming Call Lock app download and install it on your smartphone. The app will ask for access to your phone’s contacts, phone, storage, and some other permissions to work. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided below on our website. So with this app, now lock and secure your incoming phone calls and stop worrying about intrusive people around peeping into your phone.

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