Whats Tracker App
Whats Tracker App

Ever wondered who stalked your WhatsApp? There was no way to tell it at first but with the extremely agile and robust Whats Tracker App, it is easy. The app has a bundle load of features that will prove useful to the user.

Whats Tracker fulfils a gap that was being felt for years. With WhatsApp transforming the mode of communication globally, a system for tracking it was a necessity. The app must have the necessary security to prevent unwanted prying by hackers and other malicious actors.

Let us look at the features of the Whats Tracker App

The Direct Chat option: There are times when you wish to chat with someone without saving the number. The direct chat option in What’s Tracker allows you to directly chat with someone without bothering to save the number in the phonebook.

The Barcode Reader: While this may not always prove to be a daily necessity, the barcode reader is a handy tool. It is fast and easily reads barcodes of all shapes and sizes


QR Code Reader: If it can read the bar code, it can also read the QR Code. The entire process is fast and smooth and does not give a hint of lag. The additional benefit that this provides is that the QR code directs the user to any particular webpage, then that opens up automatically.

QR Code Generator: Whats Tracker can also generate QR codes on its own. Provide any link or text and lo and behold, you have a QR Code ready.

Instant Search: With the rapidly rising popularity of WhatsApp, it is quite clear that almost everybody is using it. Finding a particular chat amongst the hundreds of chats is a cumbersome affair. All one needs to do is type the intended phone number (which must be the WhatsApp registered number) in the search bar and the app will take you straight to the chat.

Data Security: The developers have been extremely careful about data security and also state that no data is collected by them. The robust firewall protects the app from being hacked into.

Now, that we have got to know about the features of Whats Tracker, let us look at the Pros and Con.

Whats Tracker App Pros and Cons


The app is a smooth function tool with a lot of features.

It seldom faces any lag and even if it does, it is far and in between. The Whats Tracker is a heavy worker and is able to stand up to the test of time.

The Direct Chat and Chat search features make this app an all-time favorite. The Number search is indeed my personal favorite too.  WhatsApp is like a lifeline to me and searching for particular chats becomes a task. With the tracker, life has become easier.

The QR Code reader also helps since it does not come with the usual lag and also opens up the intended webpage.

Google Play!


I have personally not liked the design of the app. The developers must be mindful of the fact that the look and feel of any app is as important as its functionalities.

The app also needs to restructure its design since for many it may look cluttered.

While they claim there is simply no lag while reading bar codes, it is not wholly true. The reasons may vary from poor internet networks to probably a rework in the coding.




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